Event Planning Services

Events, like jigsaw puzzles, consist of thousands of intricate pieces scattered about.  Pieces that need to be acquired, correctly positioned and interwoven for interaction to form one amazingly beautiful picture.  Meticulous attention to detail; exceptional organization skills; precise timing; and an incredibly creative and patient temperament, are requisites for manifestation and delivery of remarkable event experiences.  Signature Savvy embodies these traits and offers their benefits to clientele via three service options.



“Do-It-Yourself” Host!  No problem.  We will gladly offer our expertise to guide you along the way on an hourly basis.


Coordination and Planning

Not sure about the Who, the What, the When, the Where, they Why and just How all these elements interact together.  Nevertheless the precise time or times required for each.  It’s okay we’ve got you!  Literally from A to Z and beyond!  Signature Savvy will put all the pieces together and if you like, hand the plans over to the “Director” of your celebration.



It’s Showtime!  Time for implementation of the plan!  Signature Savvy is there, Sunup to Sundown handling everything so you can Enjoy Your Day!  All you have to do is smile!


Initial consultations are always offered on a complimentary basis.



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