The Creative Force

Introducing the force that steers our vision . . . Carla Carla!  Fierce with creativity, endowed with an eye for a high level of quality, and operating with a spirit of excellPurple Cross Sashence, all of these things and more “She Is”.

A single event while in high school, organizing a Talent/Step Show, unearthed the discovery of Carla’s natural ability to organize events.  Entering into corporate america after college professionally developed this talent thru multiple event coordination experiences.  Enjoying the rewards, Carla continued this progress via taking part in various event planning committees, such as an annual Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration; and employing her talents to organize numerous events from business meetings; weddings and receptions; themed events to a variety of non-profit affairs.  In an episode of self-actualization, Carla embraced this capability as a gift, and embarked upon her path in life launching Signature Savvy.

Emitting an upscale urban edgy style, Carla adopts a fresh approach for each affair.  Creating haute couture event experiences, established upon the elements of pizzazz within the heart of each event host is her niche, thus, “Signature Savvy” exists.  Proactive planning, attentiveness to detail, and determination enable Carla to promptly and effectively execute the desires of her clients for every event commitment.

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